Based in extensive industry field experience and proven unwavering technical as well managerial strength we enhance our customers to obtain their projects reaching and exceeding industry standards.

Strong expertise in Structural as well Mechanical design’s integrity and customization performing calculations and Finite Element Analysis using advanced computer modelling simulations... (read more)

Equipment Analysis Certification & Upgrades... (read more)

Process Safety & Risk Management… (read more)

Commissioning / Decommissioning; Maintenance, Restoration and Turnaround projects... (read more)

Solving issues in Quality Management Systems as third party consultant / auditor... (read more)

Perform structures failure assessment concerning design, inspections, performance, and act as project lead for structure’s restoration for service and salvage or equipment decommissioning... (read more)

Substantial involvement in “The Clean Energy Technologies Program” lean analyzing ways in which technical opportunities will achieve cost reductions and balanced in performance improvements.