Our team members during the years developed strong expertise for conducting equipment and building condition assessments.  This entails visual and non-destructive testing, the preparation of inspection reports, and the study preparation of repair and/or replacement budgets.  We help applying our expert knowledge and experience in various construction systems and methods that ensure safe and sustainable buildings, facilities, and structures that our customers own or have in their maintenance program; land based as well as offshore. 

Review plans, specification and physically inspect the components and materials of industrial, commercial and even residential buildings and structures to ensure reliability and longevity.

Interact with consultants, engineers, architects, and public to resolve problems and issues affecting the services and operations within the Facilities.

Develop and maintain inventory of all structural and mechanical components within the facility based on the UNIFORMAT II Classification for Building Elements.

Plan maintenance and project programs, also perform life cycle cost analysis to determine economic benefits through risk management.

Establish building component depreciation analysis to forecast renewal investment rates required to maintain buildings and facilities over the time.

Assist in the identification of root causes of deficiencies and areas of non-compliance with regulations and codes; develop alternative courses of corrective action and prepare costs associated with maintenance strategy.

Prepare descriptive technical inspection reports describing the current state of the facilities and recommend corrective actions to help decision-making process.

Maintain and update various databases by using different Software for Maintenance Management Programs