Technological advances in this fast paced reality lead us to speed up our processes; obviously for the main reason: to enhance production and efficiency.  As Professionals besides technical expertise, creativity and ingenuity, we also have to be responsible for our safety, others as well for Environment where we share space whether we are working or enjoying our life.

Starting with the reality that accidents happen we progressively learned from our mistakes and continued recording others that we meticulously organised into a database as “The Process Safety and Risk Management practice” that we share with our customers and has a significant proven track record in the modeling of complex dispersion,  from basic OHS at workplace to fire and explosion scenarios, storm and earthquake protection and the structural response to maximize the potential for cost efficient design solutions.

Core capabilities offered by our team with regards process safety and Risk management include:

Management systems and performance measure development through a range of
advisory, diagnostic and knowledge management services with regards workplace Safety

Project and technical internal risk assessments combined with independence in reviews.

Human factors and behavioral assurance

Operational safety excellence through a range of formal safety assessment processes, interactive risk management delivery and quantitative techniques.