Assisting and Liaison with domestic and international companies in equipment commissioning / decommissioning (taking out of service); maintenance and turnaround projects with regards structural integrity, inspections and certifications; in strict accordance with the PLC(product lifecycle) and supporting SOP’s(standard operating process), GMP (good manufacturing practice) regulations and  other on-site Quality standards regarding Environment & Society 

Our environmental and social consultants help our customers providing services:

Sustainability in engineering design, project deliverables and operations management

Capacity and global footprint to deliver leading multi-disciplinary services

Passing experience training with regards to environmental project assessments  

A strategic approach to approvals, government affairs and stakeholder engagement

Project controls for cost, schedule, safety performance and community relations

Assist in the identification of root causes of deficiencies and areas of non-compliance with regulations and codes; developing alternative courses of corrective action and preparing costs associated with maintenance strategy.

Prepare descriptive technical inspection reports describing the current state of the facilities and recommend corrective actions to help decision-making process.